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Program GeoTerminal for working with the results of geodetic measurements. Allows downloading from total stations and memory cards (transmit to total stations) Leica, Trimble, Sokkia, Nikon, Topcon, ..., measurement results. Convert data to different coordinate systems. Process the results of level measurements. Convert to DXF (AUTOCAD), XLSX (EXCEL), TXT, GSI, M5, SDR, ...,. Convenient storage and exchange of measurement results in the form of CAT catalogs (GEOTERMINAL). You will always see the catalogs in the table and on the plan.

Operating system: Windows
Language: En, Ru
License: Commercial
Version: 2.4.9

System Requirements

  • Windows XP/7/Vista/8/10 (32/64bit)
  • Graphics driver that provides OpenGL 2.1 or higher is required
  • Visual C++ Redistributable x32
  • .NET Framework 4.0 or later x32/x64
NAME FILE VERSION SIZE CHECKSUM SHA1 Download 2.4.9 19.8 Mb c5b99006a003c1f9bdafed7329968814e5d2e24b
GeoTerminal-win-x86.offline.exe Download 2.4.9 64.1 Mb f995354e8f5d1f78f696b4403b051f3e28511951

Описание программы

GeoTerminal program allows you to receive, transmit and process data from stations and levels in a variety of formats and interfaces (usb flash drive, cable, file)

Data transfer:

  • Receiving data from stations and levels:
  • Data transfer in tachymeters and levels
  • Reading EXCEL files (*.xls, * xlsx), DXF (AUTOCAD) and TXT
  • Getting files from DXF (AUTOCAD) coordinates all possible objects (points, lines, polylines, texts, blocks ...) in the world and conditional coordinate systems from all available layers.

Data processing:

  • Equalizing leveling moves



Working with custom coordinate systems (UCS).

  • Read all UCS from the drawing DXF (AUTOCAD)
  • Creation and editing of UCS in program GeoTerminal
  • On-the-fly switching of the catalog coordinates in the specified UCS.
  • Transformation of coordinate lists in any plane.
  • Easily create, store and transfer files with coordinates directory own format (*.cat)



  • Auto filling the notation on the plan by code
  • Create surfaces and contours
  • Calculate volumes of excavation and embankment
  • Equalizing of theodolitic motions



We have tried to combine the necessary in the day-to-day work of the surveyor functions tabular lists of coordinates of points in EXCEL and display the results of a planned shooting in AUTOCAD.

In the programme of GeoTerminal coordinates of points are displayed simultaneously in the table and on a plan that allows you to conveniently edit, store and transmit catalogs.

In conjunction with the UCS program allows without limitation to convert the coordinates of points in space.

GeoTerminal program does not use third-party applications and modules, so there is no need to install additional programs.

For the programme of GeoTerminal we have developed its own 3D engine, which has high performance and allows you to work with hundreds of thousands of graphic objects without brakes.


Reviews about the program

    • 10 november 2018, 08:30
    • Юра

    Спасибо! пользуюсь программой с удовольствием, значительная экономия времени, простой и понятный интерфейс значительно упрощает работу.
    Вопрос по уравниванию нивелировки
    Как распечатать ведомость уравнивания? В строке "Ведомости" (в левом нижнем углу редактора нивелирования ) предлагается создать только каталог высот пунктов а мне кроме этого нужна ещё и ведомость уравнивания нивелирного хода. Что со мной не так? Версия платная 2.2.9.

    • 22 august 2018, 00:08
    • Дмитрий

    Достаточно хорошая программа. Ребята болеют за репутацию. Молодцы. Все просто,оперативно и прозрачно.

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