Окт 20

Try GeoTerminal for free for 30 days

  • 20 Окт 2018

You can use all the features of the GeoTerminal program for 30 days. Just click the "Activate trial version" button and confirm the activation.

After the trial period expires, the program will again switch to the free version mode.

Сен 07

Discount «3 for the price of 1»

  • 07 Сен 2018

Discount «3 for the price of 1» The first 50 customers receive a license key, which can be activated on three computers.

In connection with the launch of the commercial version of the GeoTerminal program, we are conducting an action that will allow you to take advantage of all the functions of the program on all your computers and laptops, at home and at work.

We are working to improve the program and develop…